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- Gab-Rae Jeong
02 - 3446 - 3553

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We make food made from natural ingredients
 to heal diseases and help to maintain good health.

Daoom Co., Ltd. have been striving to create a healthy food culture. 'Daoom' is a natural health food brand that combined the 30 years know-how of Dr. Su Kyung Kim, who developed vacuum freeze dried reproduction for the first time in 1988, and Umseong Hee Naturalist Pharmacist. 

We believe all the nutrients needed for human beings are derived from natural raw materials and do not even contain chemical additives, so use only natural ingredients taken from natural sources. 


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Dr. Kim Organic Detox and Slimming Powder with Red Beans

Daoom One Ebony Meal (Premium Raw Food)

Daoom Natural Raw Food

NDaoom Super Green

Daoom Wild Grass (Health Juice)

Daoom Organic Kale (Premium Raw Food)